The App of The Decade

The App of The Decade

By, Vani Rao

It was a warm sunny day. I heard the birds chirping and children screaming joyfully. A band of sunshine sparkled on the yard’s fountain, reflecting at the kids on the swing. A group of kids stole my attention when they tried to carry water towards the sandy area to build sandcastles.

“Should I pour more water?” asked a kid.

“No, put more sand!” said another.

I smiled, knowing that nothing matched the joy of learning from one’s own experiences. A huge thud woke me up from this warm dream.

Year 2050.  A quick nap on my way to the biggest day of my life reflected the bitter truth of our false lives.  Over time, the chirping of birds has been replaced by Twitter notifications. Morning greetings to mom and dad stay restrained to Whatsapp messages. Our favourite breakfast is Instagram-worthy, but little did we praise the hidden chef in “Dad.” We’re excited about wearing the new dress that mom bought, but the stylist in “Mom” goes unnoticed. We have been constantly making ourselves busy living an imaginary life that we have forgotten what reality is like. Kids are on gadgets, their castles are in ruins. The swings long for their kids, the fountain has lost its shine. The kids no longer chase waves or build castles because their lives are now confined to the 4 walls of their rooms and the world – their gadgets had built for them.

The education system brings in “Hands-On Learning Experience” with a hope to compensate what our kids lost – Experiential learning via childhood experiences. The science teacher for Grade 6 drops a stone in water and the water rises. The kids are excited. I screamed “Eureka” when I dropped the shampoo bottle in the bucket and the water rose. I was 10 years old, then.

We are so busy trying to stay updated with science and technology that we have failed to help our kids learn how science and technology began. Our kids are busy trying to reach the stars without knowing what holds them behind – the gravity. We have permitted technology to create a generation of idiots just like how Albert Einstein predicted. People have forgotten how to use their brains, that has deprived them of their practical learning and experiences.

But, I’m just a few minutes away from the biggest moment of my life or rather our lives. In a few moments from now, I’ll launch “The App of the Decade” – The Brain App, that will remind us to use our brains from time to time; an app that’ll remove this veil of lies we live under; an app that’ll help us make the best out of our lives; an app that’ll help us ditch false filters once and for all.

No sooner will people realize that, all along, our Brain’s been the best app and our Body’s been the best gadget one could rely upon.

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