As per the  the National policy on Education,  the  structure of education should be  uniform throughout  the nation.  But why should we stop this with the structure only?. Why can’t there be a uniform syllabus across the country ?. The policy should  not only formulate compulsory  and free education, but also make sure that the quality of education provided is not discriminatory  based on caste, creed,  social and economic  backgrounds.    Napolean Bonaparte had said , “Equality  should be the chief basis of the education of  youth.  So unless equality is achieved in education, we can’t have an equal society.

According to Dr.  Abdul Kalam , “All of us do not have equal talents , but all of us have an equal opportunity  to develop our   talents. But is it really so?

In India ,  children come from different economic, social and religious background.  They go to different  schools , where the quality and standard of syllabus varies according to the different boards.  The disparity  in  syllabus  creates a knowledge gap among the students which inturn leads to inferior and superior complex among them.       But once they complete the schooling  and  have to choose  a career , they are all measured on a similar scale by keeping a common test , which then becomes very difficult and challenging for a child from a rural area. This should not be the case.  We had several instances of young aspirants  who  end up being a victim to anxiety and depression unable to cope up with the challenges mainly because of the disparity in education .  We cannot forget the incident in our state where  a  meritorious  student who  scored  high marks in the higher secondary examination took her life as she could not  fare well  in the competitive exam.  Who is to blame for this?

Whether a child  goes to a private  school or  Govt. school, whether the child  is rich or poor, or from a rural or urban area,  the syllabus and the curriculum  should be the same  as the quality of education cannot be different even if there is a difference in the quality of infrastructure or other facilities .   To resolve the widening  gap between the poor and rich and urban and rural, we need to have a uniform syllabus where everyone will read the same book.  With a uniform  syllabus, no child will lag behind the other  and  we don’t have to  make  such hue and cry over the competitive exams like NEET.

To achieve socio economic  justice to the society , which is necessary for the deprived sections of our society, our country should provide uniform education with common syllabus  and curriculum to all the children throughout the nation. Let the children  across the country,  irrespective of economic status  learn in the same way and  understand that we are all one as a nation.

To recapitulate,   common or uniform education is not only necessary for the socio economic equality, but also to ensure the dignity of an individual and for the integrity and unity of the nation.  It is  high time the Government introspect this and come out with a plan so that one group of students do not  benefit   over the other because of the disparity in education system.  To  remove this  educational disparity and for bringing the  “One nation one education’’ system ,  impetus and support from the elite  of the society and bureaucrats is inevitable. Let us all march  together to fructify this dream.

-Mrs. Sunitha Raghu 

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