senior principal

Dear Parents and Students

It gives me immense pleasure to greet you once again through this column. As we progress, let us hope that our children would grow with multi skills to cope with the 21st century. Culturally and technologically changing world calls for equally vibrant education, not just literacy or information, from schools. As Benjamin Franklin said , an investment in education pays the best interest”.

The future beckons those who are prepared for it. We should help our students learn the different dimensions of life and their own role at each and every stage. Social perceptiveness and natural competencies should be nurtured to enable students handle real life situations.

Last school year was the most successful one at every level; academically, athletically and as a school community. Our staff continued to engage in the review and revision of our instructional programs to ensure that all students were performing at their highest levels in the classroom. This was one of our Action Plan Goals. This definitely paid off as we had an amazing year of testing and results. Vani is proud to announce the centum positive results in the qualifying exams conducted by the CBSE board both at the senior level and senior secondary level.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year. I am very excited to serve all of you as your Senior Principal. During this school year, we will be focusing on further revising and refining our instructionalpractices and continue the professional development opportunities for our teachers. There are challenges ahead us; however, I am certain with the support of staff, parents and students the school will reach greater heights in the years to come. We will continue to strive in producing reliable citizens of the country who will go out into the world and make us proud.

I am looking forward to another amazing school year in service to our students, parents, and community.

Best to you all,

Vasumathy Srinivasan

(Senior Principal)